Why Blogging is Killing Me, or My Creativity…Same Thing.

This is a post about what could happen and what I’m not going to let happen.

I post instead of working on longer creative pieces.

I write a post for my audience not for me or for the story.

I post often, not for practice, for views and likes and follows.

Creative behemoths lie untouched while I write something dry for public consumption.

I don’t love the writing I’m posting.

I don’t let a piece sit with me and mellow and ripen and get better, I rush it.


In order to avoid getting blogged down…yea I went there…I’m going to set goals for this blog.  Maybe I should have done this sooner?

#1.  Write about writing.  Cuz I’m meta like that and because these are the pages I currently need to process.

#2.  Write about other things besides writing so this all doesn’t get too self absorbed and whiny.

3.  Share the NEW pieces I am going to create, (off blog.)

4.  Use the blog to generate pieces I wouldn’t have done with out it.  For instance, through participating in challenges and responding to prompts.

5.  I am going to limit the amount I post to three times a week.  This way, I hope to create better quality pieces.  I fear not posting nearly every day will take my stats down, but so be it.  Quality over quantity.



2 thoughts on “Why Blogging is Killing Me, or My Creativity…Same Thing.

  1. I think these are great guidelines to follow. I can understand how sometimes, blogging feels like it’s taking away from your personal writing, which is supposed to be the end goal. So a few reminders like what you have is good 🙂 Good luck!

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