101 Things to do in 1001 Days

I also posted this list on transcribingmemory.com.  That is my other blog.  Please check it out!

                                                      101 Things to do in 1001 Days

1.     Get agent for Dissonance.
2.    Get Dissonance published.

3.  Post every day in 2017 and consistently in 2018 and 2019.
4.  Transcribe, share, write, and post about 10 more years of Babu’s life.
5.  Connect with all my followers by viewing and perhaps commenting and following their blogs.  It’s give and get.
6.  Movie marathon of Babu’s best reviewed movies! (I put this here because I think this would be a great post or series of posts.)
7.  Get blog monetized.  (Sorry, but I am looking to sell out.)

8.  Submit to SOMETHING at least ten times a year.
9.  Also, participate in 24 hour story 8 times.

Other writing projects:
10.  Write a collection of short stories that I am really proud of.
11.  Write a second novel.
12.  Complete NanoWriMo!
13.  Write 5 memoir pieces.
14.  Write 50 poems.
15.  Write found poetry using Babu’s journals.

Other creative projects:
16.  Complete writing, filming, and producing “Laundromat.”
17.  Direct a play.  Maybe one I wrote?
18.  100 silly selfies!  (Maybe this isn’t a creative project, but it’ll be fun!)

The stupid things people are sick of hearing about:
19.  Get back to a size 12.
20.  Make exercise a 2x weekly habit by end of Spring 2017.  (Oh and keep it going!)
21.  Add ten recipes I love to the repertoire.  (I’m in a eating rut!)
22.  Go hiking 25 xs in ten different places
23.  Try three new foods.

24.  Meditation a weekly habit.
25.  Yoga a weekly habit.
26.  Finish building Temple of Arujitzu.
27.  Read more.  I read really slowly so I’m going to put the goal at 15 new books.
28.  Bird watch.
29.  Observe a thunder storm.
30.  Observe a snow storm.
31.  Just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with out looking at phone or doing any thing else.
32.  Sit on a roof and just hang.
33.  Go swimming.
34.  Get wet in a rain storm.
35.  Fill house with flowers from the garden.
36.  Sit and tell stories about the old days.
37. Have a lazy day.
38.  Go to a yoga class.
39.  Go to a meditation class.

Grow my Soul:
40.  Kick ass garden every year.
41. Grow plants indoors for my cat.
42.  Grow plants indoors for me.
43.  Grow more flowers.
44.  Have a successful vertical gardening.
45.  Plant three veggies/fruit/herbs I’ve never planted before.

46.  Make and try every single coffee recipe in Ninja Betty coffee cook book.
47.  Listen to every Bowie song in chronological order.  As many as possible on vinyl.
48.  Go three places I’ve never been.

49.  Create a vision board.
50.  Redo writing nook – add framed pic of King and Hemingway quote.
51.  Continue owl of happiness jar.
52.  Go on five writing retreats.
53.  Complete a creative writing MOOC.

54.  Organize drop box.
55.  Organize front stair well.
56.  Organize basement
57.  Organize coat closet.
58.  Clean and organize car.
59.  Organize Babu’s pics.
60.  Have tag sale in spring.

61.  Organize pantry
62.  do a purge

Cat (My Baby!):
63.  get her teeth fixed – my poor baby
64.  Put her in a new costume!

Be Social:
65.  Hang out with Pam 10 times.
66.  Hang out with Arlene 10 times.
67.  Hang out with Kurdi 10 times.
68.  Hang out with Tashee 10 times.
69.  Hang out with my nieces ten times.
70.  Go somewhere with my nephew ten times. (Bring him to Crawford Notch?)
71.  Bowling with hubby and maybe the boys 5xs.
72.  Go see Lisa play.  (If she doesn’t play out again, replace it by going to some other music show.)
73.  Go see Rane every time they play!
74.  Go see Caity play 10 times.
76.  Write fifty letters or post cards.

77.  Reconnect with Dave.

78.  Volunteer three times.
79.  Do something nice for Stef.
80.  Make a former student smile – even if just through Facebook.
81.  Have a full breakfast or dinner with Babu where I cook everything ten times.
82.  Send a thoughtful package to Holly.

83.  Go to a writing workshop.
84.  Go see five plays.
85.  Go to a museum.

Deep clean the house:
86.  behind couch
87.  wash walls
88.  clean off porches

Feel good about me:
89.  Get all new underwear!  (Sorry, you didn’t need to know this, but I need an upgrade!)
90.  Update shoes.
91.  Update jewelry.
92.  “Get my hair did” three times.
93.  Go somewhere mundane looking nice and feeling good!
94.  Meet someone new and tell them confidently that I am a horror writer.
95.  Update wardrobe (ten great outfits I feel really good in for each season.)
96.  Buy something nice for myself.

97.  Do holiday cards this year.
98.  Beach 10xs.
99.  Go on a work trip with Adam.

100.  2$ in savings for every thing I accomplish.

101.  10$ donated to charity for every one not completed.

So, If you have read through the whole list, you may notice some strange things.  Yes, I put on the list to hang out with my friends.  I have to do such a thing.  Just like I need to put on the list just to chill.  Because other wise I forget or resit doing these things.

When I saw other lists like this I knew I had to do one like it.  And I learned some things.  1,001 days is not as many as you think.  It is not even three full years.  Writing this list stressed me out even though I wrote it to remember the relaxation and other things I forget.  I am sure I set the bar too high for myself and this list is even scaled way back.  It was, however, more fun and creative and inspirational to write then just a list of resolutions.

I’ll be updating this list every now and again.

So, since writing this not that many days ago I got a call that interrupted my instant panicked scramble to start crossing things off of this list.  It was a call from the director of First Generation asking if I could volunteer my time to help rehearsals for their new show “Tenderness.”  I said yes immediately even though those nay saying voices immediately flooded in.  Can I fully commit to the days I’m being asked about?  Will I be taking on too much?  Is this more time away from home where I am needed?  Is this more time away from my writing?  The strongest nay sayer was the voice reminding me how hard it is for me to work with this director.  This director is type A – in a good way -, focused, talented, has a wealth of experience and is very exacting.  Obviously, I’ve worked with her before and our styles are very different.  I goof more.  I am way more flaky.  I have to laugh and talk and connect with a person on a personal level in order to do the very personal work of theatre with them, especially this very personal kind, and I cannot connect to her for some reason.  She intimidates me.  Several times in working with her I miss stepped and she corrected me.  Immediately and with thorough explanation.  Because of these experiences, two things happened.  Complete embarrassment and intimidation.  And also growth.  I have so much to learn from this woman.  Her heart is HUGE and she is very good at what she does.  I am new to directing and with my ADD and my overall personality, I do things wrong a lot.  I am also very sensitive.  I doubt myself so much.  With her around, I doubt myself so much more.

That was never her intention.  Her intention was that things were done well and that growth and support could happen for everyone involved.  I think she likes working with me and has said many times that she respects the work I have done with my students.

I want to say again that she is a wonderful well intentioned person.  I think we all just have that person in our lives that intimidates us.

So I took in all of those factors and I decided three things:

#1:  The universe was handing me an opportunity.  Say YES!

#2:  I need to be brave and take another opportunity for a hard, honest look at myself and to grow.

#3:  Just because her way is very different does not mean my way of doing things is bad.  As always, I need to have more faith in myself and more love for myself.  I can take somethings from her and leave some others.

I worked with them yesterday and it was the antidote for all of my ills.  Oh my god, I needed theatre back in my life.  I’m so happy that I said yes to this opportunity!

(It also helps me get some things checked of that list doesn’t it? 😉



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