April’s A-Z Challenge

Hello!  I haven’t posted here in a while, but boy oh boy I’ve been writing.  Last year I read about the A-Z Challenge and since then I have wanted to write about teaching.  The A-Z of teaching.  Actually, the A-Z of why I left teaching.  As this next month came around I decided against it.  I’m already doing a “Babu A-Z” on my other blog Transcribing Memory.  Please check it out!

I’ve also decided to participate in Camp Nanowrimo for April.  I need to prove to myself that I can write a second.  That I wont ride the coat tails of one unfinished novel forever because I’m too scared and unsure to begin a second.

Speaking of the unfinished novel.  I also need to revise, edit, and finish that one.

So, there has been plenty to do and I haven’t been worrying about this blog at all.

Until I realized that I need to exorcise some demons.  I think about teaching every day.  Even still, the decision to leave now has a clear reason.  At the time, however, it was so clouded and painful.

I also feel the need to speak up about the state of current urban ed.  I’ve stayed away from it because I don’t understand politics.  i also only ever taught in one school, in one district.  However, I’d like to share my experience.  I believe that people do not understand what teachers do, unless, of course, they are teachers themselves.  I also believe that policy makers have a disconnect.  The decisions they make for our schools are insane.

More importantly, people don’t understand our students.  They don’t understand what they need.


I used to teach at the high school level.  I have no understanding of early childhood education.

I worked in what I suspect was a unique school system, but maybe not.  My range of experience is only that.

I haven’t studied educational theory.  Not much.  Most of it I find either common sense or misguided.  My opinions are based on experience and what I can extrapolate from them.

Sometimes I see the problems and I don’t know the solutions.  Or, I know the solution but not how it could reasonably be done.  I just used to work here.


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