I try not to talk about how teachers feel.  How we feel like we are overworked and under appreciated.  how we feel we are unfairly persecuted.  How we feel like we are blamed when we are doing our best and road blocks are put in our way.  How we feel like when we begin to burn out there is no care taken for us when we don’t know how to enact self care.  We are told just do it or it is our job.

That is all really true and I hate saying it and I really hate hearing it.

But here is the thing.

As teachers, teachers of children, teen or otherwise, we are not just instructors of our craft.  We are a whole hosts of supports for our students.  Always, always, what makes the difference for them is our kindness, our understanding.  What makes the difference for us, for how our class operates, whether we have the respect of our class, is whether we respect them.

And that can be depleting.  We are always giving.  Because of the overwhelming nature of our job we often don’t get kindness given to us.  Sometimes sympathy.  Often, I could never do your job! Platitudes.

I’m not blaming our school’s principals for lacking in kindness.  I’m not even talking about them in particular.  Their hands are tied and their plates more than full.

But a little more kindness would have made a difference.


5 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Sorry to hear about your sentiments…I understand how frustrating it must be. I agree that teachers provide love, support encouragement, and understanding to students and that they should always be on their best foot; but it IS hard to give when the love tank is empty.
    I would give you a hug if I could. Please know that some people may forget to acknowledge your efforts and the great things you’re doing but it doesn’t mean that they don’t know or see it. Just remember that the success of your students is also YOUR success and you will always be part of what and who they become. Give yourself a pat on the back for that. ☺ Not all people can do the job of a teacher. And teaching profession is one of the most noble jobs in the world! There would not even be doctors, lawyers ir engineers without teachers to teach them! 😉

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